Dr Mary Honan interviewed me about surviving military sexual trauma

Dr Mary Honan interviewed me for her podcast in June 2021 (video below). It has taken me a while to post it because I wanted to include this little summary and time got away on me this summer.

She asked about my experience of being a woman in the military, surviving the [often toxic] hierarchical culture.

We also discussed my current work as an executive coach:

  • helping organizations create safe and inclusive workplaces-how leadership starts from within
  • leading without being aggressive and hypermasculine
  • finding our own authentic leadership style
  • ways leaders can use power in relationships

We shifted to how sexual violence is one manifestation of toxic leadership in organizations, and then to my experience of surviving sexual assault by a military colleague and “friend”:

  • why it took me a long time to report, or even tell my husband
  • normalization of sexual misconduct in the military

Then we talked about the deep sense of betrayal my husband and I experienced at the hands of our “military family”.

My healing process:

  • throughout the criminal trial
  • being part of the solution by telling our story publicly
  • What I would do if I were asked to provide training in the military
  • stopping the cycle of abuse
  • healthy uses of power
  • military doctrine: how do we define leadership
  • how the system measures and promotes leaders

Life after the military – living a simple life, our healing journey, working as a digital nomad.

The video:

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