A word from Lieutenant General Jennie Carignan – Chief of Professional Conduct and Culture

There is a sense of impatience and frustration over having to wait to hear from LGen Jennie Carignan and her team. When she was appointed, she had no team and that will take time to build. Not to mention, summer and posting season and leave is almost upon us. Can we fairly expect to hear anything substantial before the fall?

In the meantime, I’ve used my bare-minimum video editing skills to bring you this summary of what she said before the Standing Committee on the Status of Women.

Here’s one of my fave quotes:

We are at an inflection point. There is a gap between our existing culture and our professed culture. Moreover, for a mission-oriented culture such as ours, there is a belief that tasks are to be done at all costs; that people’s wellbeing and operational effectiveness is a zero-sum game.

This premise is false.

When applied indiscriminately, it contributes to toxicity within our units. Treating people with dignity is not a trade-off for operational effectiveness. In fact, dignity is at the foundation of trust, and we must have trust in one another to succeed in the challenging circumstances we so often face together.

We have a duty to do this properly, once and for all.

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